Sea Partners

Organization Philosophy

We try to contribute to the communication between cultures through architecture. Besides, we would plan event about culture research and experiment in order to create an outstanding design. Based on the knowledge of Chinese and Japanese culture, we are engaged in the management of Chinese and Japanese projects, so that we could promote the cooperation between Chinese companies and Japanese companies and the communication between Chinese culture and Japanese culture. China is a huge market. When we try to introduce Japanese culture and technology, we also want to help Japanese company enter the market.

Design Philosophy
We value the communications from three aspects.
1.The communication with clients
In order to satisfy the clients, we take clients' advice seriously.
2.The communication between designers
No matter which company they come from, and no matter what background they have, we would let the designers create the design solution at the same platform, so that clients could choose the best suitable design solution.
3.The communication with designers outside our company
We try to improve our design through the cooperation with other designers in other fields in order to widen our vision.