Sea Partners

Kazumichi Umezawa

1982          Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
2005         Graduated the Department of Architecture and Building Engineering,
                   College of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology
2007         Completed the Master Course, Construction Engineering Major,
                   Shibaura Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering
2007-09   Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Japan, Inc. in Tokyo
2010-11      Inspection tour in Asia and Europe
2011-14      HMA Architects & Designers in Shanghai
2014-         SEA CHINA  Inc.  Partner in Shanghai
2016-         Founded SEA STUDIO  Inc. in Tokyo      

                Japanese 1st class registered architect
                Japanese registered Interior Planner

2005     •Apartment of Housing Complex Reproduction Support Society,
                Apartment of Housing Complex Reproduction Diploma Design Award
                "Encouragement Award"      
              •1st Daiwa House Residential Design Competition "1st Prize " 
              •Architectural Institute of Japan, Engineering Department Design Competition,
                The architecture in near future enjoy natural light "Excellent Award"
2007     •Shibaura Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering, 
               "Construction Engineering Major Award", in master's thesis
2015      •A'Design Award "Bronze Prize" (Italy) - Sunshine White Cube
2016      •Arcbazar Obama Presidential Library Competition "Finalist" (America) -  Media Cross Park 

2015      •Organized Takashi Yamaguchi Architecture Exhibition "Beauty & Technology" with Shanghai World Financial Center