Sea Partners


Our team is a professional architecture and interior design firm based in Shanghai. As it is closely related with our major business, we also contribute to project management between Chinese and Japanese companies.

SEA CHINA, Inc. was founded by Leo Wang (Shanghai, China) in February, 2014, and SEA STUDIO will open by Kazumichi Umezawa (Tokyo, Japan) in August, 2016. Leo is versed in European culture especially British culture, and his social connection in China is spread in many fields, while Kazumichi has rich experience in architecture and interior design in China. This business collaboration is called “SEA Partners”.

The company's Chinese name is "肆溢", which comes from the pronunciation of "SEA". People with different abilities and skills (water drop) come together, and rivers converge into sea by cooperation, which means that we hope to contribute to our society. In addition, "肆" means business in Chinese, which also express our hope.